Autocrafting Unit

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Autocrafting Unit

ModFactory Tech
Blast resistance12
FT Autocrafting Unit GUI

The Autocrafting Unit is a machine added by Factory Tech. Given items in the shape of a valid recipe, the Autocrafting Unit will craft the recipe. The Autocrafting Unit can accept items via an Insertion Hatch or via other modded item transport ducts and pipes.

  • The crafting grid also serves as the inventory.
  • The Autocrafting Unit automatically balances stacks and will not craft if doing so would destroy the recipe, unless ingredients do not stack.
  • Any items leftover after crafting (e.g. empty buckets after crafting Cake) are dropped into the world on top of the Autocrafter.
  • Crafting Slot Blockers placed in the grid are ignored.

Recipe[edit | edit source]