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This page is about the Automatic Hammer added by GregTech 6. For other uses, see Automatic Hammer.

The Automatic Hammer is a machine added by GregTech 6 that automatically performs some functions of the Hammer.

Automatic Hammer

ModGregTech 6
Tooltip textPerforms Hammer Rightclicks and crushes Blocks

The Automatic Hammer is powered by kinetic energy or KU provided by an engine.



If a Coinage Mold is placed in front of the Automatic Hammer and a Tiny Plate is inserted, the Hammer will automatically turn the plate into a coin, which will remain in the mold. Otherwise, any block placed in front of the Hammer will be broken as if by a hand-held Hammer - ores will turn to crushed ores, cobblestone to gravel, and so on. The result will be dropped as an item.