Automatic Machine Switch

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Automatic Machine Switch

ModGregTech 6

The Automatic Machine Switch is a machine cover added by GregTech 6 that automatically turns machines on and off.

Normally, GregTech 6 machines will run constantly, consuming energy regardless of whether they have any work to do. When applied to a crafting or processing machine, the Switch will automatically turn the machine on when ingredients are inserted, and turn it off when all processing is complete. Additionally, if the machine is powered by an energy converter machine (such as an Electric Motor or Steam Engine) directly adjacent to it, the Switch will also control the converter. Care must be taken to avoid Steam overpressure if the Switch is used to control Steam-powered energy converters.

In particular, a heat-powered machine that is powered by a Burning Box (Gas) may have the Switch applied to automatically shut off the burner when there is no work to do. Other Burning Boxes do not have this feature.

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