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Automatic Sieve

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Automatic Sieve

ModEx Astris
TypeTile entity

The Automatic Sieve is a device added by Ex Astris that allows the automation of the Sieve using RF.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Automatic Sieve has an input slot that holds a stack of material. Two additional slots take stacks of Speed Upgrade or Fortune Upgrade to increase the output chance. The Sieve has an internal inventory of 20 slots to hold output.

Blocks can be inserted into the Input slot and extracted from the Output Inventory using Hopper or Pipes.

With no upgrades, the Automatic Sieve consumes 40RF/t over 10 seconds to perform a single operation - consuming 8000RF to sift one block. If supplied with excess RF it will buffer up to 64000RF.

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