Automation Upgrade

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Automation Upgrade


The Automation Upgrade is an upgrade item added by Gendustry. When inserted into an Industrial Apiary, it will automatically place an available Queen into the correct spot. It will also put the Princess and one Drone into their correct spots as well. Thus, one can leave the apiary running and its nine output slots will fill with leftover drones and produce (such as Honey Combs. Only one of these upgrades can be inserted into an Industrial Apiary. It will increase the machine's energy consumption by 10% per upgrade.

The Automation Upgrade will not attempt to purebreed bees. Thus, it is highly recommended to not use the Automation upgrade with any bees other than purebred bees. If the bees are not purebred, the output slot will fill with the unstackable bees very quickly.

Recipe[edit | edit source]