Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe

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Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe

ModThaumic Tinkerer
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The Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe is the upgraded version of the Ichorium Pickaxe added by Thaumic Tinkerer. It is unbreakable and can mine bedrock (undirectly) but it will not drop. If the player tries to mine a bredrock directly, it will open a portal to a bedrock dimension.

Modes[edit | edit source]

This pickaxe has 3 modes which can be toggled through by shifting right-clicking:

  • Block Mode: Breaks a single block like a normal pickaxe.
  • Square Mode: Breaks a 5x5 radius from where the player mined.
  • Line Mode: Breaks a line of 10 blocks.

Recipe[edit | edit source]







Instability: Negligible

This infusion has an instability level of "Dangerous".

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

You awakened the real potential of an Ichorium Pickaxe. This pickaxe contains all the traits from the regular one, however, by shift right clicking on it, you can change what mode it's on.

On Block Mode (Green) it'll break blocks normally.

On Square Mode (Red) it'll break a 5x5 area around the original block broken. The area is offset, to allow for easy mining

On Line Mode (Blue) It'll break a 10 block long line starting on the original block. It can also break bedrock, taking you deeper into the the heart of the earth. You believe digging there might prove to be more fruitful.
"Thaumic Tinkerer"

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