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Aether axes are a [[../Tools#axe|tool]] that can be crafted from a wide range of materials available in the Aether, and the Valkyrie axe can be randomly found in the [[../Silver Dungeon|silver dungeons]].

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Input » Output
[[../Skyroot Stick|Skyroot Stick]]+
[[../Skyroot Planks|Skyroot Planks]] or
[[../Holystone|Holystone]] or
[[../Zanite Gemstone|Zanite Gemstone]] or
[[../Enchanted Gravitite|Enchanted Gravitite]]
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Uses[edit | edit source]

Skyroot axe[edit | edit source]

[[../Skyroot|Skyroot tools]] result in you getting double drops when chopping wooden items such as skyroot logs, planks, stairs and fences.

Holystone axe[edit | edit source]

The holystone axe has a random chance to give you an [[../Ambrosium Shard|ambrosium shard]] when you use it.

Zanite axe[edit | edit source]

The closer it is to breaking, the stronger it becomes. It starts as strong as wood and the last few uses are stronger than diamond.

Gravitite axe[edit | edit source]

Right-click with the gravitite axe on skyroot planks, logs, fences and stairs, to make them float up. This can be very helpful for blocks on the bottom of an area.

Valkyrie axe[edit | edit source]

The valkyrie axe has an extended reach of up to 10 blocks, thats a lot, and has the same durability as gravitite and diamond axes.