BSpace upgrade

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BSpace upgrade

Tooltip textSlots Used: 2
Turns the barrel into a BSpace barrel

The BSpace upgrade is a Better Barrel upgrade from JABBA. It is used to link barrels across long distances, like an Ender Chest. Linking barrels will not increase the capacity, it is just a way to maintain the inventory of items in multiple places at once.

Use a B-Space tuning fork to link a barrel with an empty barrel that has the same structure and core upgrades. If successful, they will be said to be "resonating together" and a square with an arrow will appear in the bottom right of the face of the barrel.

Core upgrades include Storage upgrades, Void upgrade, and Creative upgrade and must be applied the same to every barrel you attempt to link before linking. Other upgrades like Redstone upgrade and Hopper upgrade as well as Stickers and facades (Redstone facade and Hopper facade) can be added to individual barrels that are resonating together.

Recipe[edit | edit source]