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Current developersBrad16840
Latest version3.4.3
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2

Backpacks! is a mod created by Brad16840. It introduces backpacks that are able to:

  • nest within other backpacks.
  • be easily accessable from almost any GUI by right-clicking on the backpack.
  • be customized (i.e., renaming, recoloring, resizing).
  • be recovered when lost and have quantum copies of itself made.
  • be shared among players, allowing players to exchange items remotely to one another.
  • recognize players that have or do not have permission to access them.
  • automatically collect items or resupply tools that are breaking or blocks that are running out in the player's inventory.
  • be placed in-world by shift right-clicking on a block. They are able to interact with ducts and pipes.

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