Bamboo (Better with Addons)

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This page is about the block added by Better with Addons. For the block added in Minecraft 1.14, see mcw:Bamboo.

ModBetter With Addons
Blast resistance0
Technical details
Ore dictionary namematerialBamboo

The Bamboo is a block added by Better with Addons. It can be planted on Dirt or Grass and grows like Sugar Canes up to 5 blocks high. Unlike Sugar Canes it can also spread 1 block horizontally.

It can be crafted into Soaked Bamboo in a Cherrywood Soaking Unit and then into Bamboo Slats in a Cherrywood Drying Unit, which are used to craft several items such as the Netted Screen or the Yumi.

Recipe[edit | edit source]