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This page is about the Battery Hull added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Battery Hull.
Small Battery Hull

ModGregTech 5
Medium Battery Hull

ModGregTech 5
Large Battery Hull

ModGregTech 5

Battery Hulls are a set of three component items in GregTech 5. They are filled via the Fluid Canner or the Canning Machine to create GregTech batteries. Battery Hulls come in three forms: Small, for LV batteries, Medium, for MV batteries, and Large, for HV Batteries.

All Battery Hulls are crafted from a combination of Cables and Battery Alloy Plates, either via a crafting table or the Assembling Machine. If crafted in the Assembling Machine, the hull requires half as many Battery Alloy plates, and uses an equal amount of Molten Plastic. Battery Alloy is a mixture of Lead and Antimony, so in order to craft Battery Hulls you must have first acquired either Stibnite or Tetrahedrite Ore.

Battery Hulls can be filled with Mercury or Sulfuric Acid via the Fluid Canner to produce Mercury or Acid Battery single-use Batteries. They can also be filled with Sodium, Cadmium, or Lithium Dusts via the Canning Machine to produce Sodium, Cadmium, and Lithium rechargeable batteries. Unwanted batteries, such as depleted single-use batteries, can have their hulls returned for re-use with an Extractor.

Small Battery Hull[edit]

The Small Battery Hull is the simplest Battery Hull. It is used to craft Small Batteries for use in LV electric machines and tools. Importantly, it is also used to craft the IC2 RE-Battery, by filling a Small Battery Hull with Molten Redstone in a Fluid Canner.

Total: 3200 EU
Usage: 2 EU/t
Voltage: 2 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 80 secs

Total: 4 EU
Voltage: 1 EU/t
Time: 0.2 secs

Medium Battery Hull[edit]

The Medium Battery Hull is a mid-tier Battery Hull. It is used to craft Medium Batteries for use in MV electric machines and tools.

Total: 9600 EU
Usage: 4 EU/t
Voltage: 4 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 120 secs

Large Battery Hull[edit]

The Large Battery Hull is the most advanced Battery Hull. It is used to craft Large Batteries for use in HV electric machines and tools. Unlike the other two Battery Hulls, the Large Battery Hull can only be crafted in an Assembling Machine.

Total: 25600 EU
Usage: 8 EU/t
Voltage: 8 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 160 secs

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