Battery Replenisher

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Battery Replenisher

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textFills Energion Batteries automatically
Blast resistance135
Technical details
First appearance0.2.0
Last appearance1.1.0

This information pertains to an older version of the mod. This item was removed in Prodigy Tech version 1.20.

The Battery Replenisher is a machine added by Prodigy Tech. When powered with Hot Air, it can automatically fill Energion Batteries of various sizes inserted into it using Energion Dust. It is also capable of refilling partially empty Batteries using partial Energion Dusts as needed.

Energion Dust is inserted into a specific slot, where each Energion Dust is converted into 12000 Energion units and stored in an internal buffer of 36000 units. Each unit refills 1 tick of usage in the Energion Aeroheater, and is inserted into Batteries at a base rate of 10 units per tick. This process can be sped up by providing higher temperatures to the machine.

Recipe[edit | edit source]