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Bear Trap (Camping Mod)

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This page is about the Bear Trap added by Camping Mod. For other uses, see Bear Trap.
Bear Trap

ModCamping Mod
TypeSolid block

The Bear Trap is a device added by Camping Mod used to trap and kill creatures. Any creature that walks over an open trap will receive a level 2 "Bleeding" effect which causes a rapid loss of health and be unable to move.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Bear Trap is placed in the world and opened/closed with a right-click. Bait can be placed inside the trap to draw entities near it by opening an open trap's GUI and placing the item in its slot. For animals, their breeding item is used as bait. For hostile creatures, any of the vanilla raw meats and fish as well as Raw Venison can be used as bait. Creatures can be lured from within 20 blocks. If a creature is lured in and captured, one bait will be consumed.