Bee-Bee Gun

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Bee-Bee Gun

ModCareer Bees

The Bee-Bee Gun is a tool added by Career Bees. It is powered by Honey and can be refilled in a Bottler. Its main use is to fire bees of the Careerbees Branch in order to use their Effects on specific targets, such as blocks and mobs. Some of the functionality of their Effects are also changed when used with the Bee-Bee Gun.

Holding Shift and Right-click will open a GUI to insert bees and check the amount of Honey the Bee-Bee Gun has remaining. Pressing Right-click will fire the bee in the topmost hexagon in the GUI if it can be fired using the Bee-Bee Gun. Using a Queen or Princess will have infinite uses, while using a Drone will only have one use.


Example uses[edit]