Better Sleeping

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Better Sleeping
Current developersCallMeFoxie
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2

Better Sleeping is a mod that overhauls the system of sleeping created by CallMeFoxie, formerly known as OndraSter. It allows the player to sleep at any time of day. Additionally, it lets the player wake up at any time of day, as long as an Alarm Clock next to the bed. In multiplayer, the time to wake all players up is calculated by averaging each alarm clock.

The mod also has a configurable tiredness system. This means that sleep is required, otherwise the player will get a variety of negative effects, such as starting to start walking slowly or eventually falling to the floor. Tiredness can also be regained by consuming items added by other mods that contain caffeine, like Steamcraft2's Tea.

Mod compatibility[edit | edit source]

The mod may not be compatible with other mods that change the sleeping system. It does work with Morpheus, although the mod has built-in Morpheus-like features.

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