Biome Diversity Area

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Biome Diversity Area
ModGregTech 6
Technical details
First appearance6.06.08

The Biome Diversity Area is an optional feature generated by GregTech 6. It affects a 12x12 chunk area surrounding world origin (x & z +/- 95), and sets the overworld spawn point to the origin when it generates. The purpose of this feature is to make most vanilla biome-specific resources easily available.

Description[edit | edit source]

Each quadrant has two biomes, a 32x32m area (four chunks) of one sorrounded by the other. The ground is completely flat at the configured height, has fixed tree locations, and specific ground and stone under it down to flat bedrock, possibly changing to another stone at height 32.

  • In the NE quadrant lies a Desert made of sand over sandstone, with a 'Mesa' of red sand over hardened clay sprouting a cactus farm in it. No second stone type occurs under either.
  • In the SE corner grows a Jungle orchard of 48 small Jungle trees, with cocoa pods, vines, and 21 melons. A 'Swamp' pool of clean Water over Mud over Turf has 16 Lily Pads and many Glowtus on it. Under the grass is five layers of Coarse Dirt, covering Basalt with Komatiite at depth. Beneath the pool lies Black Granite over Red Granite.
  • The SW quadrant has a small copse of Forest with 8 small Oak trees, 8 Birch trees, and 16 Pumpkins. The remainder of this area is Plains, with copious Sticks, Rocks, all colors of vanilla Flower, and some Tall Grass. Buried under a layer of Dirt, the Plains area has five layers of Brown Clay throughout. Quartzite and Kimberlite fill the remaing space under the wood, surrounded by Marble and Limestone under the plains.
  • A Taiga fills the NW area with 48 small Spruce trees around an 'Ice Plains' frozen pool of Ice and Packed Ice. Aside from the pool, the ground is this area is coated with various thickness Snow Layers. Both the surface and sub-soil of the taiga are Podzol. Everything below the podzol is Mossy Cobblestone, while the central area is Blue Schist over Green Schist.
  • The central cross-shaped area is all River biome, with 3m deep Riverwater starting 4m below the surrounding surface. The riverbed consists of a layer of Black Sand over one of Gravel and two Clay. Beneath is pure smotth vanilla Stone.

All ten GregTech 6 stone types (which occur as five pairs here) are generated as the cobblestone variant, with about half randomly being the mossy cobblestone variant instead.

Configuration[edit | edit source]

The Biome Diversity Area is activated by setting the flag center { biomes { B:Enabled_false= to true in the file /config/gregtech/worldgenerationnew.cfg. The adjacent property I:Height_66= can be changed to set the flat ground y-level for this feature.

Interaction[edit | edit source]

The Biome Diversity Area is overwritten by all three other optional features at origin. The Nexus Building appears in the Desert. The central roundabout of the Axis Roads removes the innermost chunk of all four biome quarters, but will have no wall surrounding it. The first four chunks of Road in each direction will be Bridges over the River, not quite touching the sides. The World Spawn Beacon would appear to be floating on the riverwater, as it spawns high enough to touch in the road surface.

Since this area is not touched by the Stone Layers generator, no ores will be created there. However, Oil and Natural Gas pockets can extend into it from adjacent chunks.

As with any River, the outer sections of riverwater can be salinated into Seawater by contact with an Ocean biome.

As the world spawn is set to the middle of a deep river flanked by sheer embankments, it is unpleasant to not also activate the beacon or roads option on servers using this feature.

Gallery[edit | edit source]