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Aether blocks[edit | edit source]

Name Description Image
Template:AnchorAether Dirt Aether dirt is the basic dirt in the Aether, and will grow into Aether Grass when exposed to sunlight. It is easier to break than normal dirt found on the surface. Skyroot trees and Golden oaks are the two primary plants that grow on it. File:Grid Dirt (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorSkyroot Logs Skyroot Logs are the main base of Skyroot Trees which are located throughout most of the islands. They provide the basic essential for your Aether adventures, and can be crafted into four Skyroot Planks. These planks can be crafted into Skyroot tools, which will give twice their intended item when used. This can be an advantage when collecting materials such as Holystone or Ambrosium. File:Grid Skyroot Log (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorSkyroot Leaves Skyroot Leaves are the leaf blocks of Skyroot Trees. As normal leaves do, some of them will drop a Skyroot Sapling to replant. File:Grid Skyroot Leaves (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorGolden Oak Logs Golden Oak Logs make up the base of Golden Oak trees which can be located sparsely scattered throughout the normal islands, in silver dungeon boss rooms, and lining the top of gold dungeons. They are embedded with Golden Amber, which can be used to craft very powerful Golden Darts. The logs require Zanite or greater axes to cut. (1.01) File:Grid Golden Oak Log (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorGolden Oak Leaves Golden Oak Leaves are the leaf blocks of Golden Oak trees. They occasionally drop Golden Oak Saplings and Golden Apples. File:Grid Golden Oak Leaves (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorSkyroot Sapling Occasionally dropped from Skyroot Leaves. Skyroot Saplings allow you to replant Skyroot Trees when placed on Aether Dirt or Aether Grass. File:Grid Skyroot Sapling (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorGolden Oak Sapling Golden Oak Saplings are occasionally dropped from Golden Oak Leaves. They can be replanted into Aether Dirt to regrow a Golden Oak tree. File:Grid Golden Oak Sapling (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorSkyroot Planks Skyroot Planks can be crafted from Skyroot Logs. They can be used to craft Skyroot Sticks and from there, Skyroot Tools. File:Grid Skyroot Plank (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorHolystone Holystone is the common stone block in the Aether, and can be used to craft Holystone Tools and other blocks such as Incubators and Enchanters. Requires a pickaxe to mine. File:Grid Holystone (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorMossy Holystone Mossy Holystone is a slightly rare Holystone block that can be found at the base of bronze or silver Aether Dungeon entrances. It is available in much larger quantities than Mossy Cobblestone. File:Grid Mossy Holystone (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorCold Aercloud Cold Aerclouds are the very common type of Aercloud found in the Aether. Long and thin strips of them can be found in the formations of clouds and they also surround the base of silver dungeon. When landing on them they randomly prevent fall damage, though this is an all-or-nothing function. Use them wisely, but be wary when falling from large heights. They can also be crafted into Cloud Parachutes. File:Grid Cold Aercloud (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorBlue Aercloud Blue Aerclouds are slightly rarer than Cold Aerclouds, and they form smaller cloud formations. They can also be obtained from killing Blue Swets (Slime-like creatures of the Aether). Blue aerclouds bounce mobs, items and the player when coming into contact. They propel the player about 18 meters into the air and randomly prevent fall damage on impact. File:Grid Blue Aercloud (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorGold Aercloud Gold Aerclouds are the rarest type of Aercloud. As blocks on the field, they are no different from Cold Aerclouds other than aesthetically, but as items in the inventory, they can be crafted into Golden Parachutes which have 20 uses rather than the normal 1. File:Grid Gold Aercloud (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorQuicksoil Quicksoil can be found on the fringes of islands or their cliffs, making it difficult to dig at most times. When mobs walk on it, their movement speed is increased. However, it takes a while to build up speed. These can be both a good block to use because of its speed modifying properties, but also a dangerous block to come into contact with. If you accidentally fall on it, your character will not stop walking, and you'll eventually be thrown off the side. File:Grid Quicksoil (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorIcestone Icestone can be found in large chunks, usually on the sides of islands. On placement, they will freeze all water and lava sources around it. Requires a holystone pickaxe or better to mine. File:Grid Icestone (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorAmbrosium Ore Ambrosium Ore is a common block found in the Aether, surrounded by holystone. It drops Ambrosium Shards, which can be used in Ambrosium Torches, fueling Enchanters, and will even heal half a heart each. Ambrosium is compared to Overworld coal. File:Grid Ambrosium Ore (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorZanite Ore Zanite Ore is slightly rarer than Ambrosium Ore, and can be found inside holystone. Zanite Gemstones are dropped from these ore blocks, and can be used for a variety of recipes (including Zanite Tools, Armor, and more). Requires a holystone pickaxe or better to mine. Zanite is compared to Overworld iron. Zanite picks and other tools get faster at mining with each damage taken. Zanite swords do more damage with each damage taken. File:Grid Zanite Ore (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorGravitite Ore / Enchanted Gravitite Gravitite Ore is the rarest ore-type in the Aether, and can be placed into Enchanters to create Enchanted Gravitite blocks. This ore can be found near the bottom of the islands. Gravitite Ore, by default, will float up into the air. However, Enchanted Gravitite only floats up into the air when powered with redstone. Enchanted Gravitite is required to craft powerful Gravitite Tools and Gravitite Armor. Requires a zanite or gravitite pickaxe to mine. Gravitite is compared to Overworld diamond. File:Grid Gravitite Ore (The Aether).png File:Grid Enchanted Gravitite (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorPillar A decorative Pillar block found on the outside of Silver Dungeons. File:Grid Pillar Column (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorPillar Top A decorative Pillar Top block found on the outside of Silver Dungeons. File:Grid Pillar End (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorAmbrosium Torch Ambrosium Torches are like regular torches, just crafted with Skyroot Sticks and Ambrosium Shards instead. They're given at a 2:1 supplies ratio, rather than the normal 4:1. Ambrosium Torches are useful because normal torches do not work in the Aether. File:Grid Ambrosium Torch (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorAltar Altars, formerly called Enchanters, are a new type of tile entity which can be crafted, requiring 8 Holystone blocks and one Zanite Gemstone to craft. By default, it uses Ambrosium Shards as fuel, and can repair damaged tools or items; the more damaged the tool is, the more fuel it requires. It can also enchant a few existing items into more powerful versions. It can NOT however, repair dungeon boss rewards. You must complete more dungeons and earn the rewards again. File:Grid Altar (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorIncubator Incubators are a new type of tile entity which can be crafted. They require 8 Holystone blocks and one Ambrosium Torch. By default, it used Ambrosium Torches as fuel, and can incubate Moa Eggs into Baby Moas that you can tame. File:Grid Incubator (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorLocked Chest Locked Chests are found in Dungeons, and cannot be broken. To acquire their rare loot within, you must obtain a key by killing the Dungeon Boss. x30px
Template:AnchorDungeon Stones Decorative blocks found within the Aether Dungeons. Until the dungeon's boss is defeated, they are indestructible. File:Grid Angelic Stone (The Aether).png File:Grid Carved Stone (The Aether).png File:Grid Hellfire Stone (The Aether).png
Template:AnchorTrap Blocks Identical in looks to the dungeon stones, but be warned. You will be attacked when walking on these ones. File:Grid Angelic Stone (The Aether).png File:Grid Carved Stone (The Aether).png File:Grid Hellfire Stone (The Aether).png
Template:Anchor[[../Dungeon Lightstone|Dungeon lightstone]] Decorative blocks found within the Aether Dungeons which radiate a small amount of light. They cannot be destroyed until the boss is defeated. File:Grid Light Angelic Stone (The Aether).png File:Grid Light Carved Stone (The Aether).png File:Grid Light Hellfire Stone (The Aether).png