Blood Extractor

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Blood Extractor

Tooltip textHold in inventory when slaying mobs.
Shift + Right click to extract or auto-supply.

The Blood Extractor is a tool added by EvilCraft. Killing any mob will fill all Blood Extractors in the player's inventory with 5 to 40 mB of Blood per 1 (Half Heart.svg) maximum health of the killed mob.

Using the Blood Extractor on a block uses 1,000 mB of Blood to place it in the world. Sneaking and right clicking toggles auto-supply mode, allowing the Blood Extractor to automatically fill containers in the player's inventory with the Blood it stores.

Mobs that die from fall damage in the world leave behind stains of Blood, containing 20 mB per 1 (Half Heart.svg) maximum health. They can be collected by sneaking and right clicking them with the Blood Extractor.

The Blood Extractor can hold 5,000 mB of fluid by default. It can be combined with other Blood Extractors or Dark Tanks in any crafting grid to add up their capacity, up to a maximum of 65,536,000 mB.

Recipe[edit | edit source]