Blood Magic

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Blood Magic
Modicon Blood Magic.png
Current developersTehNut
Latest version2.3.1-99
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Needed forBlood Arsenal
Blood Utils
I'm Looking At Blood
Sanguine Utilities
IRC channel#bloodmagicconnect
Unstable 1.7.2
Magic World 2
Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest

Blood Magic is a magic-based mod created by WayofTime and maintained by TehNut. It adds an expansive life-based magic system which spans rituals, sacrifices, summoning, alchemy and spell creation. In Blood Magic, the player collects Life Essence by sacrificing their own health or the health of mobs to power their Blood Magic creations on their quest to become an Archmage. Blood Magic is compatible and enhanced with Technomancy and Thaumcraft 4. There are several addons available for Blood Magic; for example, Sanguimancy, which focuses around automation, and some even darker forms of magic, such as Soul Corruption.

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