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This guide was originally written by Eyamaz.

I give you full rights to plagiarize whatever you would like from "BnB Tips from Eyamaz" under the guides spoiler from the main BnB thread as I add to it.

Your First Day[edit | edit source]

Your first day in BnB is going to be quite a rush, especially if you are playing hardcore. One thing you should definitely NOT do, is collect seeds. At the beginning stages of development, these are just going to clog up your inventory. You want to concentrate primarily on Oak Trees, Rubber Trees, wild berry bushes, and gravel.

At the minimum, you want the following before night falls:

As of BloodNBones version 1.0.5 you will need twice the wood listed.

  • 9 Oak Logs
  • 9 Gravel
  • Foraged Berries as much as possible
  • 1 Rubber

This will allow you to craft all your flint Tinker’s Tools and 1 torch when night falls. If you collected any apples, turn them ALL into fruit trees and get them planted before nightfall. These will take awhile to grow and will be a good staple of juice once they start producing apples. Now lets get bunkered in a wall somewhere before...

Your first night[edit | edit source]

Now that night has fallen, its time to get crafting. If you started crafting before night fell, you probably wasted too much time and don’t have a good amount of food, refrain from crafting at this point!

First, we need to craft 7 oak logs into planks, and 18 planks into sticks. Use 4 of the sticks to craft a few torches with rubber if you found any. Craft 8 planks into 2 crafting tables and 28 sticks into 7 blank patterns. 3 of these patterns will be used to craft your Tinker’s Tables, the other four should be used to create a pick head, axe head, shovel head, and tool binding patterns. 9 pieces of gravel (shapeless) then create 3 flint to be used as the tool heads.

After forming your tools you need to collect 8 cobble and make your first furnace. If you collected Rubber wood, we are going to use that to make our first piece of charcoal, otherwise use just some wood. 1 piece of wood and 2 saplings as fuel will give us our first charcoal. We then use that charcoal to get us 8 more with another 8 logs. Remember to burn rubber wood first.

As those logs are burning, lets get some more cobble, 8 more pieces should do because we need to make some smooth stone. Smooth stone? This early? 3 pieces of smooth stone will make the all important Juicer. All those wild berries you found? craft them with the juicer and it will give you bottles of juice. Juice will restore 1 bar of hunger, and more importantly, heal 1 half heart of damage. These are your earliest Healing devices.

Before day comes, if you have enough oak wood, make yourself a set of wooden armor. Its not much defense, but more than you have.