Bombardier Beetle

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Bombardier Beetle

ModThe Erebus
TypeHostile monster

The Bombardier Beetle is one of the various beetles found in The Erebus. It is a hostile mob and can only be found in the Elysian Fields. It has 60 health points (30 hearts) and inflicts more damage than the Rhinoceros Beetle though it lacks the ability to inflict the Slowness effect.

It attacks only when the player approaches it, and has two attack methods, melee and explosive, the latter being used more often. The explosive attack is when the Beetle creates a small explosion around itself that destroys surrounding blocks. When it releases an explosion, the player is flung high up into the air, taking fall damage when they hit the ground.

When killed, it will drop 1-3 Exoskeleton Plates, Gunpowder and Blaze Powder.

Unlike the Rhinoceros Beetle and Titan Beetle, the Bombardier Beetle cannot be tamed nor bred.