Bonsai Pot

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Bonsai Pot

ModBonsai Trees
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance10
Technical details
Registry namebonsaitrees:bonsaipot
Unlocalized nametile.bonsaitrees.bonsaipot

The Bonsai Pot is a block added by Bonsai Trees. It can be used to grow small trees. The sapling will visibly and eventually be the size of between 1x1–2 blocks. It can be upgraded into a Hopping Bonsai Pot, which will deposit all drops into an inventory below it.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Compatible saplings (see List of saplings compatible with Bonsai Trees) can be placed in the pot by using the sapling on the block.

Using an axe on the block with a grown sapling will harvest the sapling, dropping a random set of its possible drops, and begin growing a new small tree. The axe will be damaged by one durability per item dropped.

Saplings can be removed by breaking the block. If there is a sapling, breaking the block will actually not break the block itself, but instead drop the sapling. Once there is no sapling, the block can be broken.