Bonsai Sapling

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Bonsai Sapling

ModBonsai Tree Crops

The Bonsai Sapling is a crop added by Bonsai Tree Crops. It grows on Farmland. Right-clicking a matured Bonsai Sapling can be used to obtain 4 Bonsai Cuttings. Left-clicking a matured Bonsai Sapling can be used to obtain excess saplings for planting. Note that the crop only drops one thing depending on the click.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Compact Claustrophobia[edit | edit source]

As added by Compact Claustrophobia

Bonsai Saplings are obtained in Compact Claustrophobia through scavenging Dirt by right-click. The drop rate for Bonsai Saplings can be seen below. There is also a chance that nothing drops or the Dirt turns into Farmland. However, the block can always be broken and replaced to attempt scavenging again.

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