Boron (B)

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Boron (B)

Tooltip textB (5)
Chemical compositionB

Boron (B) is an item and element added by MineChem. It has the atomic number 5 and the attributes Stable, Metalloid and Solid.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Since it is an element, it can not be synthesized. Furthermore there are currently no sources for Boron they can be extracted by the Chemical Decomposer. Due there are no sources, the only way to produce Boron is the Chemical Fusion Chamber through the fusion of eg. Beryllium (Be) and Hydrogen (H), or by the Chemical Fission Chamber.

Chemical Bucket[edit | edit source]

Boron (B) can be stored in space-saving chemical buckets.

Boron in the real world[edit | edit source]

Real Boron is a black-brown solid from the category of the metalloid, and the eponymous element of the boron group.