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Modicon Botania.png
Current developersVazkii
Latest versionR1.9-345
Depends onBaubles
SkyFactory 3
Infinity 1.7
Skyfactory 2.5
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Unstable 1.8
Cloud 9
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
FTB Mage Quest
Unstable 1.7.x

Botania is a mod by Vazkii with art by wiiv based around the magical energies created by flowers and other natural plant life. It is inspired by other magic-based mods like Thaumcraft 4 and Blood Magic. There is an in-game documentation book that explains nearly everything within Botania, it is called the Lexica Botania (commonly referred to as the "lexicon"), and has many possibilities and features.

Mana is the energy system Botania features, used for powering magical utilities. It is created very easily but mostly in small amounts, but through mod progression the player can acquire and build more beneficial and larger amounts of Mana. Transporting Mana requires manual and automatic aiming and coordination, it can be transported using Mana Spreaders and their variations.

A Wand of the Forest is a vital tool that the player can use in the mod to perform specific tasks and configure different things. They can be extremely customized.

Around the whole Minecraft world, many Mystical Flowers will spawn, these flowers are essential towards progressing and creating resources in the mod, they come in all of the 16 vanilla Minecraft colors.

Do note that only Mystical Flowers spawn naturally in the players world, which are used to potentially create more valuable and beneficial flowers that generate Mana or perform tasks the player would perform themselves, using Mana to do so.

Botania also tweaks the vanilla Minecraft Dispensers to allow them to plant crops right in front of them, as well as being able to use a Wand of the Forest for some specific tasks such as triggering a Runic Altar.

This mod also implements a new feature called 'Natural Shedding', this is where Skeletons, Chickens, Ghasts and certain other mobs shall occasionally drop something associated to them. For example, a Skeleton would drop a Bone now and then. This is also documented about in the Lexica Botania.

In the later versions for Minecraft 1.7, Botania introduces a new boss, the Gaia Guardian, summoned by performing the Ritual of Gaia. When killed, it shall drop 8 Gaia Spirits, vital for many crafting recipes the mod includes. This boss is predicted to be an mid-game to end-game goal, seeing as the ritual requires end-game content and the boss is very difficult to defeat without the correct equipment and approach.

A Pig Monster Spawner is also added into the Botania creative tab, when right-clicked with a mob spawn egg the Monster Spawner will be configured to spawn that mob. Note that this is only available for players in Creative mode, and the spawner can only be configured by players in Creative mode.

As of version beta-22, Botania requires the Baubles API. Baubles comes packaged with Thaumcraft 4, so if that is installed, Baubles will not be necessary. This and other update notes can be found in the Wiki's Botania Changelog, or on the Botania website.

During the transition from Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.8, Vazkii decided to discontinue the mod due to a lack of inspiration. It was re-continued by williewillus under the name Botania Unofficial. No changes were made, except for minor tweaks and bug fixes. In September 2016, Vazkii decided to re-continue the mod initially under the name BotaniaV2, based off of williewillus' port for Minecraft 1.10. Later Vazkii decided not to stick with the "V2" title and decided to bump the version to R9 instead.

In-game Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /botania-download-latest (version) - Downloads the Botania version specified.

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