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BrassGoggledCoders, also known as BGC, is a mod development team led by warlordjones. They work closely with Team Acronym Coders and all BGC mods use the Team Acronym Coders lib mod, BASE.

Team Github Discord

Members[edit | edit source]

  • warlordjones: Now known as FreneticScribbler, but hasn't bothered to update his wiki profile yet. Leader, coder, breaker of things.
  • SkySom: Self-proclaimed Head of Research and Development. Makes hugely over-engineered systems by night, (sometimes) fixes them by day. Likes trains.
  • DivineAspect: Haver of a frustrating number of brilliant and/or mad good ideas.
  • Snurly: Makes the pretties. Occasional texture artist.
  • MrIbby: Documenter, code poker.
  • Lanse505: Leader of Team Acronym Coders that hangs around in BGC doing their own thing
  • ProfessorProspector: Logo creator

Ex-Members[edit | edit source]

  • Surseance: The team's creator, has now left the modding scene.
  • decebaldecebal: Ex-programmer, member of Surseance's original team. Made fancy things