Brew Kettle

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Brew Kettle

TypeSolid block

The Brew Kettle is a block added by GrowthCraft. As the name suggests, it is used to brew basic alcoholic beverages from grain, such as brewing beer from wheat.

The Brew Kettle should be placed over a flaming block or other source of heat in order for it to function - it does not burn fuel itself. Right-clicking the Brew Kettle will open its GUI, showing the two fluid tanks, the brew ingredient item slot, and the secondary output item slot. There is also a button for swapping fluid from the output tank to the input tank (or vice versa). The Brew Kettle can hold one bucket of input fluid, one bucket of output fluid, one stack of brewing grain, and one stack of secondary output items.

Water is added and completed brewed drinks are removed from outside the GUI; you can do the following:

  • Add water by right-clicking on the Brew Kettle with a Water Bucket.
  • Removing drinks by right-clicking on the Brew Kettle with an empty Bucket. This will empty the entire output tank, and give the player a bucket of young drink ready to be transferred to a Fermentation Barrel to be aged, or to another tank. The output tank must be completely full to use a bucket on it.
  • Removing drinks by right-clicking on the Brew Kettle with an empty Bottle. This will remove one third of the output fluid and give the player a bottle of young drink, ready to drink immediately.

Recipe[edit | edit source]