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Brew of Flowing Spirit

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Brew of Flowing Spirit


The Brew of Flowing Spirit is a throwable potion from the Witchery mod. When thrown at a block, the potion will spawn a single Flowing Spirit source block, which can then be picked up with a bucket. Standing in the liquid will give the player the Regeneration effect. If a Nightmare steps into Flowing Spirit, it will lose its invulnerability powers. Demonic/undead monsters will be given the Weakness effect. Having a pool of Flowing Spirit near a Dream Weaver of Nightmares will decrease the chance of a Nightmare occurring by 10% per source block, with a cap of three blocks.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

This recipe has no required amount of Altar Power. It must be performed in the Spirit World dimension. The player does not need a Familiar to perform this recipe.