Brew of Sleeping

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Brew of Sleeping


The Brew of Sleeping is a drinkable potion from the Witchery mod. This potion, when drunk, will cause the player to enter the Spirit World. Unless the proper environment is created, the player will almost always experience a Nightmare. A proper environment can include Dream Weavers of Nightmares being nearby, as well as some Flowing Spirit Pools. When the player enters the Spirit World, they will leave their body and items behind (apart from a very specific set of items). The Brew of Sleeping is also used to create the Dream Weaver of Intensity, and the Apple of Sleeping.

When drunk near a placed Demon Heart, a pool of Flowing Spirit, and a Dream Weaver of Nightmares, the user may enter a Demonic Nightmare.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

This recipe has no required amount of Altar Power. It can be performed in any dimension. The player does not need a Familiar to perform this recipe.