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Tento článek je o the Brewery added by GregTech 5. Pro jiné významy, navštivte Brewery.

MódGregTech 5
TypTile entita
PopisekBrewing your Drinks

The Brewery is a machine from GregTech 5. It can be used along with the Fluid Canner and the Fermenter to make potions and drinks. The specific task of the Brewery is to mix Water or whatever fluid with a solid item. The machine can also produce Lubricant out of crude Oil, Seed Oil or Creosote Oil, adding Redstone, Talc or Soapstone Dust.

One thing to note is that the internal storage of the machine, both for input and output, is only of 750L, which means that, without pumping out the fluid, only one process at time can be done. Also, in GregTech 5 the Glass Bottles have a capacity of 250L, meaning that with one process, the Brewery can fill 3 Glass Bottles.


Stejně jako všechny ostatní stroje v módu GregTech 5, i Brewery má pět variant v závislosti na úrovni napětí, od Low po Insane.

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