Burning Box (Solid)

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Burning Box

ModGregTech 6
Technical details
Registry namegt.multitileentity:110X gt.multitileentity:115X

Burning Boxes are a set of machine blocks in GregTech 6. They convert solid fuels into Heat, or HU, that can be used to power other devices.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Burning Box has no GUI. To insert Fuel, right-click the box while holding items of solid fuel. The entire stack of fuels will be added at once. Additionally, the Burning Box does not automatically light when it receives fuel. To light it, use a Flint and Tinder or other firestarter on it. Fuel burned by a Burning Box may produce Ashes, depending on the fuel. Ash must be periodically removed, which can be done by right-clicking the Box with an empty hand or a shovel. Be warned that when the Burning Box is active, removing ash by hand instead of using a shovel will result in burn damage. The Burning Box requires an open space (or a block without a collision box) in front of it to operate. An active Burning Box will cause nearby flammable objects to randomly catch fire, so be careful.

The Burning Box emits heat from its top side. Devices placed on its top side will automatically absorb all of the heat the Box produces. If there is no device on top of the Box, the Box will lose half of the heat it produces and store the rest for when a device is placed.

Burning Boxes can be crafted out of many different materials. Their fuel efficiency and heat transfer rate is determined by the material used. Burning Boxes also come in two variants: normal and Dense. Dense Burning Boxes are significantly more expensive, but burn fuel and transfer heat at 4x the rate of normal Burning Boxes, at no change in fuel efficiency. However, crafting a Dense Burning Box requires a Dense Copper Plate.

Fuel burn rate is also determined by the material of the box. One smelting operation is equal to 5,000 GregTech Heat Units; one Coal equals 40,000 HU. At least one exception to this rule is wood: 2500 HU / unit of wood (log is 8 units, plank is 1 unit, stick is 0.5 units).

The Burning Box can be extinguished in five ways:

  • smothering - if a solid block is in front of it when it tries to start burning the next piece of fuel.
  • starvation - when there is no fuel in the input slot to pull.
  • choking - if the produced ash cannot be added to the output slot.
  • extinguished - use a Fire Extinguisher (CO2) on its front face.
  • cancelled - use a Soft Hammer on it.
Burning Boxes
Material Efficiency Output (Normal) Output (Dense)
Lead 50.0% 16 HU/t 64 HU/t
Bismuth 45.0% 20 HU/t 80 HU/t
Bronze 75.0% 24 HU/t 96 HU/t
Invar 100.0% 16 HU/t 64 HU/t
Steel 70.0% 32 HU/t 128 HU/t
Chromium 85.0% 112 HU/t 448 HU/t
Titanium 85.0% 96 HU/t 384 HU/t
Tungsten 100.0% 128 HU/t 512 HU/t
Tungstensteel 90.0% 128 HU/t 512 HU/t
Tantalum Hafnium Carbide 100.0% 256 HU/t 1024 HU/t
Solid fuel values
Item Fuel value (HU) Ash
Charcoal 40,000 Small pile of Ashes
Coal 40,000 Small Dark Ash
Coal coke 80,000 Small Dark Ash
Lignite 20,000 Tiny Dark Ash
Lignite Coke 40,000
Wood log 30,000 Ashes
Plank, sawdust 7,500 Tiny pile of Ashes
Stick, wooden Slab 2,500 4 * 1/72 of a pile of Ashes
Peat 50,000 Ashes
Bituminous peat 60,000
wooden Stairs 5,000 6 * 1/72 of a pile of Ashes
wooden Beam 30,000 8 * Tiny pile of Ashes
Sapling 4,000

While most fuels are proportional to vanilla furnace burn times, logs and beams are an exception. So unlike the vanilla Furnace, it is better to burn entire logs than to turn the logs into planks and burn those.

Automation[edit | edit source]

The Burning Box internally has an inventory with two slots, one for the fuel and another for ashes. The inventory can be accessed through any sides of the Burning Box except for the front side. When an item is being pushed into the box, it accepts the item as long as the item is a valid fuel and there is enough space in the fuel slot. And when an item is being pulled from the box, it allows only ashes to be moved out. The Burning Box is usually automated with an item pipe attached to a side to feed it with fuels, and a hopper attached to the bottom to extract ashes. It is, however, not the only way to automate it. With the help of Inventory Extender, one can both insert fuels and extract ashes through a single side.

The Solid Burning Box, unlike its Liquid and Gas variants, won't accept the Redstone Machine Switch. Using a piston to extinguish a fire, and an Automatic Igniter with a Redstone Machine Switch attached to light it, is therefore the most natural way to control it with redstone. Activity detector covers such as Activity Detector (Running), on the other hand, can still be applied to the Solid Burning Box.