Calcium (Ca)

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This page is about the item in MineChem. For other uses, see Calcium.
Calcium (Ca)

Tooltip textCa (20)
Alkali Earth Metal
Chemical compositionCa

Calcium (Ca) is an item and element added by MineChem. It has the atomic number 20 and the attributes Stable, Alkali Earth Metal and Stable and is needed to synthesize some chemical compounds.

As upgrade for the Polytool, Scandium increases the amount of dropped Bones if the player kills a skeleton with the Polytool.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Since it is an element, it can not be synthesized. However, it can be extracted from few materials, such as Milk (but not Milk Buckets) or some chemical compounds, with the Chemical Decomposer. It can also be produced with the Chemical Fusion and Fission Chambers.

Note: To produce Calcium with the following recipe out of Milk, the player must pump the milk with pipes into the Chemical Decomposer. To do that, the player can use for example the Fluid Pipes, Tank and Engines from BuildCraft. The milk is then displayed in the tank slot in the GUI of the Chemical Decomposer.

Chemical Bucket[edit | edit source]

Calcium (Ca) can be stored in space-saving chemical buckets.