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Camera Monitor


The Camera Monitor is used to view up to 30 live Security Camera feeds remotely.

If viewed for the amount of time set in the config file, or if you go to the in-game Minecraft menu, the feed will quit to save resources. It has a viewing range of 180 degrees left-right and 90 degrees up-down. Though the Security Camera rotates on its own, the feed does not.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Right-click a Security Camera with the Camera Monitor to bind it. Click in the air to open the GUI, select which Security Camera to view, and follow the instructions on the screen to control the Security Camera: exit (left-shift) tilt (WASD) activate night vision (n) zoom in (+) zoom out (-) toggle redstone (if a redstone module is bound) (r). Unbind a Security Camera by clicking the x in the GUI.

In Minecraft versions up to 1.7.10 with LookingGlass installed, the Camera Monitor can be bound to a Frame.


"name" = ""Navbox SecurityCraft"" "state" = ""plain""