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Current developersRikmuld
Latest version2.4.2
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
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Camping Mod is a mod created by Rikmuld.

It provides many new features including tents, campfires and new achievements as well as the ability to sleep and store items in tents.

Dependencies[edit | edit source]

  • Minecraft Forge

Features[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Tents Tents can be placed and then can be slept in and can be used as a storage tent.

These are crafted out of 5 canvases and two tent pegs. To sleep in a tent, right click it (when empty) with a sleeping bag and the sleeping bag will appear in the tent and will allow you to sleep in it at night. To create a storage tent right click a tent (when empty) with up to 5 chest and 5 chests will appear inside for you to place lots items into. Tents can also be dyed. You can also have two chests inside a sleeping tent and even a lantern.

Camp fire Camp fires can be placed and used to cook marshmallows on.

This item is crafted using a camp base, flint and 5 sticks. Using a marshmallow, right click the camp fire to cook your marshmallow and allow it to become edible. Camp fires also act as a light source and light up the area so mobs wont spawn in your camping area. You also get different types of camp fires with different uses. You can also dye this camp fire by right clicking it (a GUI will come up) and put a dye into the top square and a timer will go on for how long it will be dyed for, but watch out, dyes can cause different effects on the player and others around you! You can also create your camp fire into a different camp fire. Right click your campfire and insert coal into the coal part of the GUI, in the top right of the GUI insert a kit of your choice and you can now do extra features on your camp fire!

Marshmallows Marshmallows are a food that can't be eaten by the player until right clicked on a camp fire to turn it into a Cooked Marshmallow. To craft this item you will need 6 sugar, 1 bowl, 1 egg and 1 water bottle.
Sleeping Bag This item is used to sleep in a tent at night and acts just like the bed.

Crafted using 3 wool of any color.

Hiking Bag Hiking bags can be used as a portable chest, insert items into the GUI and use it to carry round with you so you can have more items than you used to be able to carry.
Lantern These are important items to making your camp have light. The lantern is a light source that you can hang from the bottom of blocks and place inside tents (unless they have more than 2 chests inside already with a sleeping bag)
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bears are a new mob added with the camping mod that are hostile, taking 2 hearts from the player every time it hits them. These mobs are hostile and can only spawn/be spawned on a difficulty harder than Peaceful mode. Grizzly Bears can drop raw venison and 1-3 experience. Baby bears spawn as well.
Hare Hares are passive mobs added with the camping mod that spawn on any difficulty. They drop (depending on their fur color)

brown fur or white fur. Baby hares have the same statistics as the adult hare. They can drop raw hare and 1-3 experience.

Deer Deers drop raw venison and are passive mobs added with the camping mod that spawn on any difficulty. They drop raw venison, antlers (that can be made into antler trophies) and 1-3 experiences.
Bear Traps Bear Traps aren't just for bears, but also for all other mobs too. Bear traps are made out of 4 iron sticks and 1 iron ingot. Mobs and the player can get caught in these once they are set out, place a bear trap and right click it to open up a GUI, place a bait in this part that any mob that breeds (or sometimes for hostile mobs drops) with and the mob will walk towards it and suddenly get trapped inside and will start going red, meaning it's being hurt and will eventually die.

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