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Carry On
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Current developersTschipp
Supported Minecraft versions1.14.4

Carry On is a mod created by Tschipp and Purplicious_Cow. It allows players to manually move tile entities and blocks, like Chests, without losing all of their data. The data that is retained includes block states, metadata, and NBT data.

Blocks can be moved by sneak-using the block in-world with an empty hand (and no item in the offhand slot). The block will be visibly placed into the player's hands and they will be unable to access their inventory or switch their active item. It can then be used again to place it. The player will move slower while carrying a tile entity, and "[m]ore complex Tile Entities slow down the player more"[1].

When the pickupAllBlocks configuration option is enabled, it will allow the player to transport normal blocks as well as tile entities.

The distance at which blocks can be picked up can be specified in the configuration file's maxDistance option, and defaults to 2.5 blocks.

The facePlayer configuration option will reverse the direction that the model faces when held in the player's hands.

A list of tile entities that will not be allowed to transport can be created in the forbiddentiles section of the configuration file. Many tile entities are automatically added to prevent abnormal behavior. Restricted tile entities are added using the format of modid:block id and allows the usage of * wildcards[2].

The modeloverrides section of the configuration file is used to specify which model to use for each block while held in the player's hands, overriding the default model-picking behavior. It provides a list of default overrides.

While blocks are held, although the player's arms do not move, the arms of the player's armor still moves. This is a known bug.

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