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1.1[edit | edit source]

1.1.1[edit | edit source]

Released on August 15, 2017 for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12.

"Start me up"

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed crash on startup due to missing mods (credit: Darkosto, EmosewaGamer)
  • Changes:
    • Fault config files no longer crash the game, but log error to the console
    • Arm rotation when carrying chests now respects whether the player is sneaking or not

1.1[edit | edit source]

Released on August 14, 2017 for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12.

"Expand Your Mind"

  • New Versions!
    • Carry On is now available for 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12!
  • Features:
    • Blocks are now limited in their pickup by proximity, set to a value of no more than 2.5 blocks (configurable) from where you are currently standing. (credit: JamiesWhiteShirt)
    • New Config option allows you to move any block with your bare hands. Default is tuned off, but could be handy for you hardcore modpackers. (credit: cy4n, AsdfeZxcas)
    • If you hadn’t noticed yet, there is a Config GUI with all of these options in it, including the blacklist options.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Correct texture now renders on Left Arm when carrying
    • Rotation fixed on both arms when carrying
    • Right arm in first person view now shows for all players when carrying, and no longer disappears after block placement

1.0[edit | edit source]

Released on August 12, 2017 for Minecraft 1.11.2.

  • Initial Release