Cave Johnson氏柠檬手雷(格雷科技5)

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This page is a translated version of the page Cave Johnson's Grenade Juice (GregTech 5) and the translation is 100% complete.

本文介绍的是格雷科技5 (GregTech 5) 的 Cave Johnson氏柠檬手雷 (Cave Johnson's Grenade Juice)。关于其他用法,请参见Cave Johnson's Grenade Juice.
Cave Johnson氏柠檬手雷

工具提示When life gives you Lemons, make Life take them Lemons back!

Cave Johnson氏柠檬手雷格雷科技5添加的饮料之一,玩家饮用后会瞬间爆炸,但它并不会回复饥饿和饱腹度。


Total: 512 EU
Voltage: 4 EU/t
Time: 6 secs

Total: 4 EU
Voltage: 1 EU/t
Time: 0.2 secs

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