Cave Roots

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Cave Roots

TypeTransparent block

Cave Roots are a block and item added by Quark.

Cave Roots grow on walls and ceilings of caves in a manner similar to vanilla Vines. Unlike Vines however, they do not function as ladders. Cave roots have a golden-brown appearance and occasionally produce flowery segments.


If harvested with Shears, the player will receive the block variant that can be placed on a wall and will re-grow. Growth does not appear to be affected by light level.


If the flowery segments are harvested by hand, they will always drop a Sprout of the matching colour.

If harvested by hand, there is a small (15%?) chance the player will receive a food item variant which will restore almost 2 haunches of hunger.


Sprouts[edit | edit source]

Sprouts can be eaten for a negligible food value and may be crafted into dye when broken. They cannot be planted and are unrelated to the creature of the same name.


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