Charm of the Diva

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Charm of the Diva


The Charm of the Diva is a bauble added by Botania. Its entry in the Lexica Botania is initally hidden until the player gains Elven Knowledge. If the player attacks a hostile mob while it is worn, that mob will become completely passive to the player and start attacking and killing other hostile mobs.

Only one mob can be bewitched at the time; the current one would have to be killed in order to bewitch another mob, and it is suspected that the bewitched mob will stay bewitched indefinitely.

To equip the Charm of the Diva, press the "B" key (by default) to open the Baubles inventory GUI, where the player can equip the Charm in the Amulet slot.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

The Charm of the Diva is a reference to the manga and anime series Date A Live. It has the same design as the Spirit Armor hair ornament worn by the spirit Izayoi Miku, whose power is controlling people with her music, among other support abilities.