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Current developersasie
Past developersVazkii
Latest version0.5.0.79
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends onMCMultiPart
IRC channel#charsetconnect

Charset or The Charset Project is a collection of mods by asie. The name of the mod is based on the idea of a "character set"; each module is represented by a special character.

The mod has been forked and maintained by Vazkii[1][2] between versions 0.3.0-pre10 and 0.3.0-pre15, however it was picked up by asie again for version 0.3.1 and beyond.

The name of the mod is often pronounced by the mod author and others as /kɑɹ.sɛt/ (like car-set); the "h" is silent[3].

Modules[edit | edit source]

Each Charset module usually performs a specific function, such as adding a few blocks or items for a specific feature or a tweak. These modules can toggled in the modules.cfg configuration file. Each module has a category and then a name, in the format of <category>.<name>, such as misc.pocketcraft. Certain modules have more granular names, such as tweak.remove.recipeBookButton. Since Charset 0.4.2, each module also contains a "profile"; there are four profiles, "STABLE," "TESTING," "UNSTABLE," and "VERY_UNSTABLE." STABLE modules are well tested and unlikely to be removed. TESTING modules likely function, but their features may be removed at any time. UNSTABLE modules are "anything that compiles," but may contain features that are broken or will be removed. VERY_UNSTABLE modules can only be accessed from a development environment[4].

Modules (pre-0.4.0)[edit | edit source]

C. Module Info Added in Removed in
Audio An audio transmission and playback system - an iteration over Computronics. 0.1.3
Carts Adds the Crossing Rail. 0.4.0-pre5
# Crafting Adds the Pocket Crafting Table. 0.4.0-pre4
Decoration Adds various decorative objects, such as the Poster. 0.3.0-pre8
 ! Drama The Drama in a Bottle - an in-game version of the Minecraft Drama Generator 0.2.2
& Gates Various Redstone gates, primarily inspired by RedLogic 0.1.0 0.3.1
Lib Required core libraries 0.0.1
| Pipes Minimalist item transport system, based on Pipes and Shifters 0.0.1
Storage Storage-related objects (Barrels, Locks). The character used to be # but it was changed. 0.1.4
* Tweaks Minor, configurable tweaks and additions 0.0.3
+ Wires Redstone Cables. 0.0.3 0.3.1
/ Wrench Adds a Wrench designed for rotating blocks in the world. 0.3.0-pre6

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