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Charset Tweaks

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Charset Tweaks
Required modulesTweaks (*)

Charset adds various Tweaks.

The Tweaks[edit | edit source]

A blue Minecart.
  • Auto Replace: when a tool is broken, and if a new tool is above where the broken tool was, the new tool will move down (similar to Inventory Tweaks). It is disabled in version "0.3.0-pre10" and above, due to implementation issues after 1.9+'s changes.
  • Anvil Item Dyeing: adds a way to dye item names in the anvil. Disables itself by default if Quark is present.
  • Block Carrying: allows blocks to be carried by shift-middle-clicking, as well as put into and out of minecarts.
  • Disable Vanilla Tools: off per default. If set to 1 in the config, Vanilla tools will become inefficient, and their max damage will become 1. If set to 2 (or more) in the config, all Vanilla tools will become uncraftable.
  • Double Doors: makes "double doors"- two side-by-side Doors can be opened with one right-click.
  • Dyeable Minecarts: makes Minecarts dyeable. Right-clicking a Minecart with a dye will dye it. Breaking a Minecart will revert it back to its undyed state.
  • Equalize Mob Chances: will make mobs spawn rarely with the same armor and weapon as the closest player.
  • Fix Player Damage Animation: fixes a minor visual bug related to the handling of player damage animation.
  • Glass Shards: adds Glass Shards.
  • Graphite: adds Graphite.
  • Improved TNT: makes lit TNT hittable.
  • Mob Control: off per default. Allows the controlling of mob spawning and endermen block carrying, through an additional config file named tweaks-mobcontrol.cfg. Mobs can be disabled from spawning.
  • Remove Tweaks: off per default. Allow to disable certain vanilla functionality: sprinting, vanilla tool effectiveness, item tooltips, nether portals, the recipe book button.
  • Zorro: when jumping upon a leashed, saddled Horse and riding it will give the Horse potion effects. If the player has a sword or bow, it will be Speed II, Resistance I and Jump Boost I for 40 seconds. Otherwise, it will just be Speed I for 8 seconds. This is intended as an easter egg, and was taken from Factorization.

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