Chemical Fusion Chamber

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Chemical Fusion Chamber
TypeMultiblock machine
Required blocks


A Fusion Chamber with connected Stirling Engines from BuildCraft for energy supply.

The Chemical Fusion Chamber is a 13x5x13 (width-height-depth) multiblock structure added by MineChem which allows the player to fuse two identical or different elements together to form an element with the sum of the atomic numbers.

For example two Hydrogen (H) (atomic numer: 1) can be fused into one Helium (He) (atomic number: 2), and then two helium into one Beryllium (Be) (atomic number: 4). Or two Iron (Fe) (atomic number: 26) into one Tellurium (Te) (atomic number: 52). It's a way to produce rarely or not collectable elements.

Construction[edit | edit source]

To build this structure, you need to buy or craft the Fusion Chamber Blueprint and generate the hologram of the chamber with the Blueprint Projector. For the construction you need 241 Tungsten Platings and 181 Fusion Walls.

Usage[edit | edit source]

In order to operate the Chemical Fusion Chamber, RF energy has to be supplied. This can, for example, done by means of generators of BuildCraft (shown in the picture). The chamber has also a storage for 100.000 RF.

To use the chamber, right-clicking on any point of the multiblock opens the GUI. On the right side are three tabs. The first tab shows the energy storage of the chamber, the second tab shows a short discription of the Fusion Chamber and the third tab is to support the authors. In the middle is a line at the top, which shows also the energy storage of the chamber, and below are three slots. The slots on the right and on the left are for the elements that you want to fuse. In the slot in the middle appears the product of the fuse.

The energy consumed is dependent on the elements to be fused. The heavier the elements to be fused, the more energy is consumed.