Chemical Synthesizer

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Chemical Synthesizer


The Chemical Synthesizer is a machine added by MineChem which is used for production (synthesis) of all compounds from MineChem and specific items from Minecraft out of their raw materials (see Usage).

With the Chemical Decomposer you can decompose the Chemical Synthesizer into different chemical compounds of MineChem.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The GUI of the Chemical Synthesizer. The two fields on the bottom are the players inventory and the third field above is the inventory of the machine.

With the Chemical Synthesizer the player can synthesis all compounds from MineChem and specific item from Minechem out of their raw materials. The machine needs RF energy to work and has an internal energy storage for 1000 RF. As energy source you can use the Redstone Engine, the Stirling Engine or the Combustion Engine from BuildCraft.

With a right-click on the machine you open the GUI, which is shown in the picture. The two fields on the bottom are the players inventory. The third field above is the inventory of the Chemical Synthesizer, in this you must place all elements and chemical compounds you need for the specific synthesis. But you can also place more material which do not need now. At the top of the GUI are three different fields. In the left slot you must place your Chemist's Journal with the selected compound you will synthesis. The field in the middle shows the compounds the machine needs to process the synthesis. In this field you must not place anything. In the right slot is the product of the synthesis. If you take the product out of this socket, then the required compounds are automatically removed from the inventory of the machine (not the inventory of the player) till not more enough materials are available for the synthesis.