Chemical Thrower

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Chemical Thrower

ModImmersive Engineering
Liquid storage2000 mB

The Chemical Thrower is a ranged weapon added by Immersive Engineering. It shoots various fluids.

To load the Chemical Thrower, the player may fill it with a liquid using a machine such as the Bottling Machine, right click on a tank or barrel containing a valid liquid, or place it into the orange slot of a machine which outputs liquid (such as the Advanced Coke Oven for Creosote Oil)

Right-clicking with the Chemical Thrower in hand will make it spray. It will consume 20 mB a tick while spraying.

Crouch-right clicking with the Chemical Thrower in hand will toggle "pilot light mode". In this mode it will apply ignition to the liquid if it is flammable.

Crouch-scrolling when the Multitank modification is installed in the Chemical Thrower will switch between the 3 possible tanks (each holds 2 buckets of fluid, making it higher total capacity than the Large Tank modification, which makes the original internal tank hold 4 buckets instead of 2.)

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Liquids[edit | edit source]

Liquids are the ammunition for the Chemical Thrower.

List of Liquids and their effects[edit | edit source]

Liquid Required Mod (other than

Immmersive Enginering)


Extinguishes fires, hurts Blazes


Creosote Oil
Flammable Potion Effect*

Plant Oil


Flammable Potion Effect

Liquid Concrete
Makes Quickdry Concrete

Nutrient Distillation
Ender IO Confusion

Forestry Flammable

Forestry Sticky

IndustrialCraft 2 Flammable

MineFactory Reloaded Poison

MineFactory Reloaded Wither and Confusion

Pink Slime
MineFactory Reloaded Sticky

Liquid Death
Thaumcraft 4 Damage

Liquifacted Coal
Thermal Foundation Flammable Potion Effect

Gelid Cryotheum
Thermal Foundation Slowness and Damage

Blazing Pyrotheum
Thermal Foundation Damage, Flammable Status Effect

Resonant Ender
Thermal Foundation Teleportation

Destabilized Redstone
Thermal Foundation Conductive

Tinkers' Construct Sticky

Liquid Slime
Tinkers' Construct Sticky

*"Flammable" means the liquid will set Wooden constructs alight, while "Flammable Potion Effect" refers to the special Status Effect added by Immersive Engineering.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The Chemical Thrower can be upgraded through an Engineer's Workbench. Three slots are available for upgrades, plus an additional slot for Shaders.