Chicken Breeder

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Chicken Breeder

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The Chicken Breeder is a machine added by Roost. It is used to automatically breed Chickens caught by a Chicken Catcher.

It has a slot for Seeds and two slots for caught Chickens, each being able to hold 16 Chickens of the same type. When at least 2 Seeds are inserted and both chicken slots have at least one Chicken each, 2 Seeds will be consumed and, after a while, a new caught Chicken is created, as if the Chickens in both slots were bred.

Vanilla Chickens take 5 minutes to 10 minutes to breed, while chickens from the Chickens mod take their respective time to breed. If the chickens in both slots have different breeding times, then the longer one will be chosen. Breeding rate is directly proportional to the number of chickens in the slot with fewer chickens, up to 16x faster if both slots have 16 chickens.

Recipe[edit | edit source]