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Current developersTehNut
Latest version1.0.3
Latest Minecraft version1.7.10
Depends onZtones

ChiselTones is a Ztones and Chisel addon by TehNut. It works with either the Chisel Team's Chisel or (the older) TheCricket's Chisel.

ChiselTones has two modes; mode 0 and mode 1. Mode 0 is set per default in the configuration. In mode 0, all of the Ztones blocks with the meta of 0 (blocks with ⓪ in the name) can be converted to each other within the Chisel. In mode 1, all of the Ztones blocks in a specific group can be converted to each other (such as Lair ⓪ to Lair ⑬).

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