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Chromic Lexicon


The Chromic Lexicon is a book added by ChromatiCraft. It is used to find brief descriptions of blocks, mechanics, and tools in ChromatiCraft, as well as their crafting recipes. It is used to progress in the mod: Shift right-clicking the book inserts completed Info Fragments into it, allowing the player to read about the targeted block.

GUI[edit | edit source]

The Lexicon's GUI is composed of several main elements:

Screenshot of the Lexicon's GUI.
  1. "Main" tab: This tab displays icons for all ChromatiCraft blocks the player has the fragments for. It can be scrolled through with the WASD keys, and holding the LSHIFT key makes it scroll faster. Clicking on an icon typically gives a description of it, although said descriptions can be (sometimes intentionally) lacking.
  2. Recipe view: This mode is identical to the Main tab, except clicking on an icon shows its recipe. The main tab can also be used while holding down the CTRL key on an icon to display recipes.
  3. Progression: This tab shows the player's "Progression" in ChromatiCraft. Clicking on an icon usually gives a hint for unlocking that progression. Progression is unlocked when the description is completely descrambled, if it is partially scrambled, then it has not been completed. Green and red lines indicate prerequisites for further procession.
  4. Recovery: If the player dies and loses their Lexicon, Fragments can be recovered by having Ink Sacs and Paper in their inventory.
  5. Notes tab: Provides a space for the player to write down notes.

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