Circuit Board (Factory Tech)

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This page is about the Circuit Board added by Factory Tech. For other uses, see Circuit Board.
Circuit Board

ModFactory Tech

The Circuit Board is a crafting component added by Factory Tech. Factory Tech circuit boards are made with either Copper or Gold and have one of four patterns. They are created using a multi-step process that starts with making an Etched Quartz Plate. Circuit Boards are used in the crafting of many Factory Tech devices and are a consumable in the Factory Tech Machine Maintenance process.

The Circuit boards come in two varieties, Gold and Copper. The Gold circuit boards are strictly better, lasting 67% longer and giving a 33% efficiency boost. However, some recipes require Copper circuit boards, so it may be a good idea to keep a small stock of these for crafting purposes.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The final step of circuit board production is to cure the Filled Quartz Plate in an Electric Furnace. Due to the delicate nature of circuits, this curing process can not be done in a regular furnace.