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This page is about the Clay added by Vanilla. For other uses, see Clay.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Quark[edit | edit source]

Main article: Quark

Ceramics[edit | edit source]

As added by Ceramics

Unfired Clay items from Ceramics can be uncrafted back into clay.

As a symbol and running community joke[edit | edit source]

During a townhall by the FTB Team, slowpoke stated that "clay is one of the best things modpack developers can use to balance recipes: this is because it's one of those few things that are limited on how easily you can automate mining of it, which greatly helps towards balancing stuff around"[1], and he advocated disabling Quark's Underground Clay tweak. Since then, it has frequently been used as a joke in the modded Minecraft community, especially /r/feedthebeast[2][3]. This launched several parody mods, including the Clay mod, Clay Expert Mode and Make Clay Valuable Again. When /r/feedthebeast participated in Reddit's April Fools experiment, /r/place, they decided to use a Clay ball as a symbol of the community.[4][5]

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