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This page is about the Clay mod. For other uses, see Clay (disambiguation).
Modicon Clay.png
Current developersThe_Icy_One
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2

Clay is a joke mod created by The_Icy_One. It is based on the joke within the modded Minecraft community regarding slowpoke101's comments on the balance of clay during an FTB Townhall stream[1].

This mod prevents clay from being harvested if the harvester is not using a shovel and standing in water. If the harvester does not meet these requirements, the block will not be broken, and a voice clip will play stating, "I think you can go swim in a lake and get your clay from there." The sound's subtitle states, "Slowpoke101 complaining."

It also removes all recipes for the clay block, and replaces it with its own using a Dragon Egg and clay balls.

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